19 February, 2015 Sportbests

Sportbests principal retailers of SmartShake in Spain

SmartShake granted marketing of the brand in Spain to SportBests, thanks to the launch has been prepared for insertion of your products in the domestic market.

ABOUT SmartShake

From idea to become a global brand in just 4 years old.
What has been done is incredible; in a short period of time have become a fiction into a global brand, sales 60 World countries.

A single Shake leakproof, because it has protection IP (having the necessary controls to safeguard food safety).
In 2009 Michael Bergström (creator of the brand) began marketing the stirrer, who threw for a discussion of bodybuilding and fitness.
The beginning was difficult, as buyers were skeptical to pay triple the price for quality SmartShake a traditional cheap shake, Free consumers get when buying products like proteins, etc. Even so, the show was a success, allowing them to be released, and to expose other fairs in bodybuilding and fitness, leading to rapid market positioning and closing numerous distribution agreements in many countries.

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