19 February, 2015 Sportbests

Nace la mayor plataforma ecommerce y servicios de valor online especializada en deportes

Ecommerce project over 28 disciplines with supply exceeding 500.000 and references 350 Brands.

SportBests Group International launched its e-commerce platform sports most extensive Spanish.

SportBests distributed exclusively through its multiplatform omnicanal 15 Master stores, all technical and specialty stores in the distribution of leading brands of sports equipment, supplements, nutrition and sports fashion, over 28 different disciplines, supply exceeding 500.000 products and 350 Brands, being the official distributor of the vast majority of them.

This innovative startup sport is managed by a strong team of professionals with over 20 years experience in distribution, marketing, digital transformation, shopping, e-commerce and social networking.

SportBests has an initial investment of over 500 € thousand to meet the launch plan, customer acquisition and technological development.

The platform will start in March 2015 with the opening of its first store specializing in sports nutrition, NUTRIBESTS, composed of the leading brands of men's sports nutrition, dietetics, personal care and accessories. Following successive openings until late July 2015, date that is expected to have completed its first phase 15 specialty stores.

SportBests's mission is to lead the sporting eCommerce always giving the maximum value to customers and constantly improving the shopping experience. Toni explains Galan, COO of SportBests, "One of our main goals is to be a great ally of the sector and ensure consumer digital experience. Sportbests be a tool to promote industrial fabric manufacturers of sports equipment, who choose to use us as a commercial motor and position your product in new markets.”

SportBests has managed the challenge of creating a platform where they can accommodate only latest technologies in terms of services and robust eCommerce platform, having an innovative logistics system and store more than 4.000 meters.

In addition SportBests plans to triple the number of workers in the 2015, reaching 45 employees in different business areas, and export the business model and omnicanal international platform.

Sobre SportBests Group International:

Leader in the distribution and marketing of sports equipment Company. Experts in the development and delivery of technology services, marketing, social networks and online commerce Sport. For more information www.sportbests.com

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